Animal Planters

Handmade and Stylized Animal Planters for Sale

Looking for a unique gift that acts as a conversation piece for all your guests at home? Then, view the selection of fun and fresh animal planters for sale from Grisel illustrations.


In-house artist Grisel Miranda is proud to offer a selection of stunning animal planters from her collection. The animal planters for sale are stunning with unique features and characteristics. Different animals are highlighted routinely through the year with past entries including a killer whale, dolphin, dinosaur, and penguin. Animal planters are environmentally-friendly and all created using upcycled plastic. The planters are completely handmade by our award-winning artist. Animal planters are painted with acrylics with close attention paid to detail. The acrylic painted and varnished animal planters for sale are durable and beautiful.


Animal planters from Grisel illustrations also include a succulent plant. These succulent plants are very sturdy with a minimal care schedule required. Succulent plants thrive in sunny conditions and need very little water. An occasional spritz of water on the leaves is required weekly during the summer months.


The decorative animal planters come in fun and eye-catching colors. Many of our planters are painted in colors such as neon pink, lime green, and vibrant orange. Planters measure approximately the size of your hand, which allows you to place each one in any convenient area around the home. If you’re looking for a specific color or animal, please inquire through our Grisel illustrations website. Animal planters offer a great way to enhance the décor of your home with a statement piece.


Find all available animal planters for sale through the Grisel illustrations website. Reach out to our team if interested in any type of custom work, including handmade animal planters.

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