40 second intro for a 2D animated TV show targeted to Preschool kids.


Synopsis: A fussy space traveller named Voy from the planet Jupiter crash lands on prehistoric planet earth, there she becomes  friends with a mellow blue brachiosaurus named Tom. Come join them as together they explore the earth and starts in search of adventure, danger and fun!

Story artist, storyboard, concept artist, charecter designer by Grisel Miranda.


Freelance Animated short film project.


Synopsis: 'Bangk' is the story of Gloria, a woman who lives trapped in her own boring day routine. 
Her personal life around her unemployed husband and video addicted games child has been fading out her soul for a while already. However, she does nothing to change this situation, but holding sadness inside. She believes somehow that things supposed to go all right as she lives in a comfortable, safe a positive home, as well as her good position at work. But the day by day starts feeling very heavy and she is starting to awake some consciousness about it. Unfortunately, she lives in a very tight clock and has no time for anything else but work double shift as her husband cannot find a job.

One day, an unexpected dangerous situation will put Gloria in between life and death making stop her clock forever. This way, she will make a drastic and honest decision that it will absolutely change her life and her family's life, bringing back the peace and connection it was lost within them. 

Assistant job as a concept Artist for one of the scenes.


Story Artist, Concept Artist, Character Design by Grisel Miranda.




Plot by Amanda McGovern. Character Design and Background design by Grisel Miranda.

40 seconds animation group project for University. My work are the first 10 seconds. Followed by Murray Mckenzie, Sarah Sharkie and Amanda McGovern.


Plot (by Amanda McGovern): A 50 year old woman with alcohol dependence. In love with the 50's and everything related to that time, works at a 50's dinner. She is pretty 'minky' but adores her job despite of being an alcoholic who lives in a complete mess of a room.


Digital stop motion collage of illustrations for a college solo project (Edinburgh College - 2016).


Plot: a short advertisement for the British Stereotypes series for Channel 4.

Inspired in the Monty Phyton intros, this is my first attempt to digitally move images to create the illusion of animation through stop motion technique.



Imagery sequence of the word spoken song Rain Dogs by Tom Waits.


Solo college project and first time with playing around with images to create a stop motion effect. The brief consisted in to illustrate a word spoken song.

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