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Animation Artwork from a Visual Storyteller

Outsource any of your animation artwork projects to the professional firm, Grisel Illustrations. We provide essential artwork to animators who need assistance in key areas, like pre production in animation. Grisel Miranda has a substantial background in animation artwork and has been commissioned privately for a slew of creative projects.


Grisel Miranda has the experience and background you need to complete your animation artwork projects. Grisel has been educated at the top art schools around Europe and has an honors degree in animation from the University of Dundee. Grisel is a very enthusiastic storyteller with a gift for developing concept art for use during pre production in animation.


Preproduction in animation is an integral part of the process. During this phase, animation artwork typically falls into the concept art category. These pieces work as a touchpoint for all animators. Throughout the course of the project, animators return to concept art to confirm they are remaining on track with the overall theme. Animators take pre production work and use it to expand and refine animations.


Animation artwork commissions take part in several stages. Grisel Illustrations provides model sheets, construction drawings, and gesture sheets. You will feel stagnant characters come to literal life on the page. Animations are developed by first starting with a pencil drawing. These pencil drawings are then created into digital lines before adding in color. Background design and character design are two offerings that are available exclusively from Grisel Illustrations.


Animation artwork commissions follow a very streamlined process to provide clients with less project stress. We are consistent with our timelines and deliveries. Delays that postpone productions can be costly to all. Our animations will be delivered within the agreed timeframe and within budget. We remain in constant content with you from first inquiry to final project delivery.


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