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Framed artwork print (not original). £230 including delivery services to the UK. 

Size: 130cm x 60cm

Materials: Ink, pastel, pencil colours and acrylic paint on brown thin paper. 



Bordello is the concept artwork of a retro-futuristic world where women weren't human anymore and had became soulless creatures after years of mistreatment. Like mermaids to sailors, the squared head women of Bordello put men or other women into a 'trippy' colorful visual experience aiming to unblock their hate and fears, this way, sucking all the bad energy, humans, both, women and men, will share a peaceful equal environment. As difference of the legend of the mermaids, the individuals will just survive if they are truly willing for the change to happen.

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'Square head women will make your thoughts spread.

Hearts upside down are the roof of their safe place.

Poker card constructions that the wind can't blow,

but will blow their mind.


Square head women, pure but blind.

Mermaid skin can only taste smoke and wine.

Plastic stars on purple skies.


Square head women almost can feel,

the soft wool between the cold walls of bricks.

They hide from the light.


They can reach everything they want,

but their heads are weird,

white music will make them believe they are real.


They're untruth, they're hammer,

they are shield and bummer.

They will rip their own soul

and then yours.'

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