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Character Design

Engaging Character Design Illustrations

Having a great idea for a character is half the battle. Grisel illustrations takes your idea for a character and breathes life into it. Character design illustrations are offered by commission through our expert in-house artist, Grisel Miranda.


Character design illustrations are a passion for our company. We truly love to connect with clients and develop new characters together. Our character design illustrations can be used in any type of creative medium. Magazines, books, CD covers, video games, movies, prints, and more feature character design illustrations. All work provided to clients is intended to follow a narrative. The true story behind the character design work is always referenced as each illustration is perfected.


Character design illustrations can be arranged directly through Grisel illustrations. During initial contact, we discuss what you’re looking to get out of the project. We consider the intended use of the character design as well as style preferences. Our character designs lean towards a darker and mysterious vibe, but we have the versatility to create fun and dynamic illustrations too. Clients should consider end goals before hiring us for commissions. Do you want anime style illustrations? Are you looking for extremely cartoonish characters? Is realism important to the designs? Letting us know your project goals help us create sketches that are consistent with your vision.


Character design illustrations are beneficial to anyone in the creative industry. Authors, animators, illustrators, producers, graphic artists and more look to character designers to develop unique concepts for their projects. Characteristics of each design commission can be simplified or as detailed as preferred. For instance, your preferences may include specific body features, species, distinct markings, age, gender, hair style, eye shape and color, and character personality. Providing a biography of a character is also useful in creating the right design.


Grisel illustrations is here to help with your current and future character design projects. Visit our online portfolio to get the look and feel of our work.

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