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Commission Artist

A Commission Artist with a Twist

Looking for a commission artist that breaks the mold? Choose Grisel illustrations for all your commission artwork needs. She can transform your idea into a tangible project that represents your concept in a dynamic way.
Grisel Illustrations is home to Scottish artist extraordinaire Grisel Miranda. Grisel has a comprehensive resume as a commission artist. Her artwork has appeared in magazines, children’s books, pop-up marketing campaigns, and exhibitions. Her schedule is full of private commissions from clients that trust her creative prowess and technical expertise.
Grisel has been a regular Redbubble artist for some time, and has been a Scottish artist to watch for as well. Her fine arts education was honed through schooling done at the University of the Highlands and Islands, Edinburgh College, and the University of Dundee. Grisel holds degrees and certifications in animation, illustration, and visual communications. Highlighted commission artwork projects from her resume include a CD booklet for David Knowles, historical character illustrations and cover designs for BBC History Magazine, and a solo exhibition at the Piece Café.
Why choose a commission artist like Grisel Illustrations? Many have wonderful and creative ideas. You may have an original idea and would love to see it turned into some form of artwork. Maybe you want to create a children’s book? Or you have an idea for a graphic novel? Even artists use commission artwork within their projects. For instance, a commission artist could help with illustrators struggling with the human form. At Grisel Illustrations, she excels at working on art commissions that follows a narrative. Her illustrations flow seamlessly through scenes to make the final work a comprehensive and telling piece.
Her style can’t be put in a box. She is a highly creative Redbubble artist with different takes on old classics. Her illustrations and art pieces are truly one of a kind. She can take a tired tradition and rebrand it in a way that speaks to your audience. Grisel Illustrations will get your project to where it needs to be to get ready for production.
Along with book work, prints, illustrations, and portraits, clients commission Grisel Illustrations for mural artwork. Mural artwork is available for both individuals and businesses. Murals are a great way to transform a space at home or at your store. Notably, mural artwork has become a popular way for businesses to stand out from competitors. Mural artwork from Grisel Illustrations is very creative and engaging. The commission is customizable to your needs. You could choose to paint family members as part of your mural or display objects related to your store brand within the commission. She works with clients to help pinpoint the exact vision they have for their mural artwork.
If you are looking for a great Scottish artist to take your project to the next level, contact Grisel Illustrations to learn more.

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