walken's welcome.jpg

'Walken's Welcome'

Commission poster design for a Glasgow Barber's Shop.

Glasgow 2019

'The Rain Men'

Commission poster design for the theatre play 'The Rain men' by John Hughes.

Glasgow 2019

Film Poster

'To Fix a Broken Heart'

Commission poster design for the short film 'To Fix a Broken Heart' by Eric Romero.

Glasgow 2018

'Boardwalk Empire' Grisel Illustrations 2015

'Boardwalk Empire'

Private Commission fan art poster of 'BoardWalk Empire' tv series.

Edinburgh, 2015

'We are Made of Stardust' - Grisel Illustrations 2014

'We are made of stardust'

Poster competition winner for public display of the drama students play at Edinburgh College.

Edinburgh, 2014

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