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Creative and Professional Children’s Book Illustration

Grisel illustrations provide engaging and captivating illustrations that will grab your readers. High-quality illustrations make all children's books standout from competitors and increase readership tenfold. Our illustration company specializes in creating work that is fun and very original. We want every image in your children books to be remembered far long after the reader closes the last page.


Our illustration company can be outsourced for a variety of projects. Children’s book illustration is one of our most requested projects. Our portfolio includes high-profile projects from today’s top names in the publishing industry. Illustrator and concept artist Grisel Miranda has won multiple illustrious awards in the industry and is available to share her passion for children’s artwork. Her work has been featured internationally in magazines, CD covers, books, and art galleries. Grisel strives to provide work that always exceeds the expectations of her clients. As a storyteller, each illustration is filled with raw emotion.


Hiring an illustration company provides benefits to publishers and independent authors. Children’s book illustration is time-consuming and it can be difficult to find the right talent in-house. Also, providing illustrations for children books is expensive if not outsourced. Outsourcing the work to Grisel illustrations is an economical way to provide high-quality images that engage and entice your target audience.


Grisel illustrations prides itself on creating novel art pieces that you won’t see anywhere else. Our art style is always fun and original with the ability to convey powerful messages. Illustration styles can be customized to your children books specifications with Grisel illustrations able to create stunning visuals that expand your story.


With Grisel illustrations, you are choosing an experienced illustration company that has worked with a range of clients. None of the work in our children books could be described as overdone or generic. Each illustration is expertly detailed with styles that you won’t see anywhere else.


Our commission process for Grisel illustrations is simplified. We start out with a consultation to assess each client’s needs and get a feel for what they’re looking for in children’s book illustration. We review the quantity of required illustrations as well as specific themes and styles. Then, we will discuss sample options to get a feel for if our work is a good fit for your project. Budget and timelines will also be discussed with terms agreed on by both parties. Illustrations are provided in batches and then revised based on your feedback. Our work is not done until we have your final approval.


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