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Montrose Artist

Premier Artwork from a Celebrated Montrose Artist

Looking for an artist “near me” for an upcoming project? Try Grisel Illustrations. Grisel Miranda is a celebrated Montrose artist who has a substantial background from various artwork to children’s books and more, and has been commissioned privately for a slew of creative projects.

From excellent and finely crafted artwork for private projects, to wonderful artworks available at her shop The Art Shed, Grisel can provide a myriad of different services and works for a wide variety of different clients. Grisel Miranda has the experience and background you need to complete your projects. Grisel has been educated at the top art schools around Europe and has an honors degree from the University of Dundee. Grisel is a very enthusiastic storyteller with a gift for developing custom art.
Finding a good Montrose artist for a private project has never been easier, because Grisel Illustrations is on-hand and ready to deliver on your vision. She also has a pop-up shop with a wide variety of different works available as well, so you can always find something that suits your fancy whether it is already for sale or a private commission.      

Looking for an artist “near me”? Find out how Grisel Illustrations stands out as a Montrose artist from her competitors, contact her today for more information.

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