The Ocean


Mural artwork for The Haven Cafe at their ladies




3 of their 4 walls were carefully planned and designed to aim a unique and magical experience to your eyes when simply going to the loo.


An ocean theme that has brought some brightness and fantasy that perfectly fits the friendly/family environment of this lovely cafe in Edinburgh (August 2016).

Visit The Haven Cafe (9 Anchorfield, EH6 4JG - Edinburgh) if you wish to have a look at my mural artwork as well as having a good time with their delightful choices of cakes and cofees.

Sailors Tattoo's


Mural artwork for The Haven at their gents restroom.


A 2 full day work on their 4 walls with a friendly cartoonish vintage sailor tattoo designs. Plaster and wall paint for a good surface in advance was needed.


The result was a succesful toilet room full of sailor tattoo's doodles that runs from bottles with messages to mermaids and fish (August 2016).

You can visit the Haven Cafe at 9 Anchorfield, EH6 4JG - Edinburgh and do not forget to go to the loo!