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I called this one 'Purple Jimi's' and it's obviously to honour one of my biggest inspirations in music since I was a young teen, Jimi Hendrix.There are 12 'Jimis' in the painting, each of them belong to a month page calendar I had given once as Christmas present. After the year finished I cut each 'Jimi' and collage them with the intention to make a big painting of this legendary musician who still today keeps blowing my mind with his songs and guitar playing. Around the painting you will find a bunch of his song titles too. Let me see how many can you spot.As part of my 'Musicalart Collection', this artwork will be available to buy for £10 A3 matte 3mgs card print. The original canvas measures 78.2cm x 119cm and is made with just 3 acrylic colours. 

Purple Jimi's

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