Up Cycled Vinyl Record Bowls

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When you need an art store with exceptional-quality pieces, choose Grisel Illustrations. Our online shop is home to many favorite Grisel Illustrations original designs. All items are high-quality with many created from upcycled materials.


When you visit our art store, you’ll see multiple product categories. Our designs are highly innovative with designs that you won’t find at most retail home stores. The animal planters within our catalog are handmade from upcycled plastic into adorable handheld critters. The molds are then painted in fun colors and designs before being sold with durable and attractive succulents.


A highlighted product in our catalog is the up cycled vinyl record bowls. This is truly one of our client’s favorite items to add to their collections. The style is very original and can be used to accessorize any space. The up cycled vinyl record bowls from Grisel Illustrations are collector’s pieces and all come from rare or unknown artists. The records were no longer playable due to scratches or damage to the sleeves. Instead of being tossed in the trash, the records are given a second life. The bowls are decorative and can be used for different purposes. Fill the bowls with small decorative items such as marbles and beads, use them as a planting pot, or even serve dry food items such as chips and crackers.


Our merchandising store has many of our favorite custom designs on everyday items. Choose to have our designs featured on throw pillows, blankets, shirts, bags, and more. Enjoy a Grisel Illustrations original daily by choosing one of the wall clocks or coffee mugs.


Check our art store inventory today to find the perfect piece to accent your home. We offer affordable shipping prices with expedited processing times. We are also available for all of your art commission needs.

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