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'Wrap me in Time' - Grisel Illuistrations 2015. RED BUBBLE 25 chamaleons 'The Dancers' - Edinburgh 2015 - Grisel Illustrations 2016 Lonely Home. Pencil drawing on paper and digital media colouring. Dundee 2017 'Life in a Suitcase' Grisel Illustrations 2014. 'Wrap me in Time' - Grisel Illuistrations 2015. Glasgow Painting, Ride beer, ride brewery, glasgow, glasgow uk, glasgow makes beer, illustration, design, beer label, urban scene of glasgow, black and white drawing, ink, commission work, ride glasgow, glasgow artist, art in glasgow, Bordello, illustration, grisel illustrtions, drawing, square head women, colours, colourful, concept, futuristic, art, glasgow artist About Grisel | Glasgow | UK | Scotland | Grisel Illustrations Grisel illustration's CV, Glasgow, illustrator, education, profile,  GLASGOW Illustrator artist art shop gift shop glasgow based artist glasgow based illustrator gift


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